About Us

With 30 years of experience,
we work mainly in consultancy,
R&D and prototyping for the luxury retail,
wine and spirits, perfume and cosmetics sectors.

L’ATELIER Daedalus will support you through its three fields of expertise :

Consultancy > Making your project technically feasible and economically viable.

The team at L’ATELIER Daedalus come from the worlds of design and industry. Our tailored services guarantee the technical compliance of your creations.

■  Analysing feasibility in accordance with your design.
■  Research into different manufacturing solutions.
■  Accompanying your project and proposing it to marketing teams.

Research and Innovation > Finding the most suitable materials and techniques.

L’ATELIER is a true experimental lab and takes part in your search for material, colour and atmosphere effects for all your packaging projects.

■  Research into materials, colours and atmospheres :

  • materials,
  • inks,
  • varnish,
  • screen printing,
  • glitter,
  • lamination,
  • gilding / hot stamping
  • embossing, etc.

■  Adapting technical documents and photo-engraving.
■  Optimising the technical platform for the industrialist.
■  Conducting trials and adjusting colours and effects.
■  Creating colour books.

Prototyping > Achieving equivalent quality and finish to the final product

L’ATELIER is specialised in the production of finalised mock-ups and prototypes. Our manufacturing techniques – UV-offset printing, UV-screen printing, gilding, embossing, embellishing, forming – are the same as those used in industry and guarantee an identical quality and finish to your final product, while respecting feasibility constraints (technical requirements, budget, photo-engraving documents, colours, materials).

■  Creating prototypes at the end of the development phase or from ready-to-print documents.
■  Identical manufacturing techniques to the processes in industry.
■  Testing different technical solutions and exploring the designers’ creative ideas.
■  Preparing technical specifications for development and industrial teams.
■  Producing micro-series for market presentations, trade shows, foreign product registrations, buzz kits for online influencers, consumer tests, etc.